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Daniel Strayn and some of
the children who inspired
the name for his project
"Operation Smile"

A 20-year old dream, sweet smiles
on the faces
of little children and
a voice from
a higher calling began
"Operation Smile".

Operation Smile is a project
with a goal to raise as
much funds possible
for an orphange
in Trinidad in the West Indies.
The orphange would be the
first of three
on a 10-acre site.

Daniel Strayn, a gospel musician
from Tennesse, traveled along

with his wife Rozalind to Trinidad
in the West Indies last fall
on a week-long crusade.
The crusade led by Don Johnson,
Pastor of New Hope Church
of God in Sevierville,
involved singers and pastors
of the East Tennessee area.

Acording to Daniel,
who had never been invited
any further than Alabama,
it felt strange that
he and his wife were
called to such
a far away place.

While there, the
couple met Madho Basdeo,
pastor of New Testament Church
in the area, who had a vision
for over 20 years to
build an orphanage.
The pastor and his wife
had doubts that it
would ever be completed
because of the country's poverty.
The couple were raising five
children of their own.

Daniel learned that minimum
wage in thecountry was $1.25
per hour and approximately
82% were under the poverty leval.

Land had been donated for the
orphanage, but wages were so
low that only the forms of
the foundation were complete.

The couple also noticed
how impoverished
the country was by looking
at such things
as housing, water and bathing facilities.

Rozalind said the children
"laid heavily on their hearts."
After returning to Tennessee,
the couple decided to work toward
helping to build the orphange.
Feeling that God had spoke to him,
Daniel decided to donate 100%
of the love offerings
from his singing ministry to the cause.

"A year of my life
is really nothing,"
says Daniel. "A year of
my life to go out
and give to the children."
"We need to do our very best
to give them a home."

The couple knew what
they were called
to do, and all that
was left was
to come up with a name
for the program.

Rozalind said they were
looking through
pictures that had been
taken while in Trinidad and
came across one that
not only showed them big smiles
but brought back vivid
memories of the trip.

The night the picture
was taken they were at a
tent service that held
150-200 people, but
around 300-400 attended.
Two small girls came to sit on
each of their laps and
sat and talked
with them throughout
the entire service.

Thoughts crossed Rozalind's
mind because she knew it
was not uncommon for mothers to
drop their children off at
church for them to be
fed or kept in a
better environment.

After the service
the girls wanted their
pictures taken. The girls
and others posed with a
smiling Daniel. This Picture
inspired the name
"Operation Smile".
Begining in January,
they saved 100%
of Daniel's singing ministry
and began calling on local
churchs to help.

20-30 area churchs are
lending a hand through
rummage sales, car washes
and other functions.
A total of nearly $7,000
has been raised so far.

Daniel has recently
finished recording a
CD of Gospel Music
which sells for $15 generating
even more proceeds for
the building fund.

T-shirts and ball caps
have been made bearing the
Operation Smile logo

and are on sale at Bible Haven and
Store House of
Blessings for $10.00.

A Cassette tape of
the gospel recordings is
available for $10 and all items can be
ordered from this site
as well.

The couple believes
that God sent them
to Trinidad and does
not question it.

"I realize that Trinidad
must seem a
world away, but I
must remind you that
in the body of Christ
we are one family
no matter how many miles
seperate us temporarily,"
says Daniel.

For more information on
the project or
in having Daniel Strayn
to minister in song,
please e-mail us.

Help us finish
this building,
so these beautiful children
can have a home.

You are listening to "Dreams"

Copyrightę Operation Smile Home For Children
1015 Ellejoy Crossing
Walland, TN 37886-0052