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Trinidad is one of the southernmost
islands of the Caribbean archipelago,
and is geologically an extension
of the South American continent.

Trinidad is separated from Venezuela
by the seven mile (11km)
straits of the Gulf of Paria.

Location: Latitude 10 1/2░N,
Longitude 61 1/2░ W
Physical Area: Rectangular in shape,
measures 37 miles (80 km)
by 50 miles (60 km).
Total Area: 1864m2 (4828km2)
Major Cities: Port of Spain (capital), San Fernando
Major Towns: Arima, Point Fortin, Chaguanas

Trinidad comprises 1,864m2,
about one and a half times
the size of the state of
Rhode Island. The territory enjoys a
tropical climate with average
maximum temperatures of 32░C, (89░F).
owing to the more constant
north east trade winds.
There is a dry season from January
to May and a wet season
from June to December.
Annual rainfall is about 200
cm (40 inches) over
most of the country.
Trinidad is just south
of the hurricane belt.

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